Guidance and Advocacy for Evolving Families

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Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is an emerging field in family law.  A Parenting Coordinator has experience in mediation and in working with high-conflict cases.  The role of a Parenting Coordinator is to assist parents in resolving disputes in a way that will promote the best interests of the children involved.

Children who are subjected to long-term parental conflict suffer the most as a result of a divorce or separation.  On the contrary, children whose parents learn to work together in a cooperative way to effectively co-parent tend to suffer far fewer of the adverse effects associated with marital dissolution.

Typical issues addressed by a Parenting Coordinator are:  School choice, extracurricular activity involvement, selection of healthcare professionals, need for therapy or counseling, clarification of parenting time schedules (including holidays and school breaks), and temporary modification of the parenting plan.

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