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Minor's Counsel - Family Law

In family law cases, an attorney is often appointed to represent a minor child.  This may occur in several scenarios:  Often the minor is of sufficient age and maturity to present his or her preferences to the court and wishes to do so.  Sometimes the court feels that neither parent is accurately or effectively advocating for the children's best interests.  Occasionally one or both parents have substance abuse or other issues which require the involvement of community-based resources and progress reports to the court.  Regardless of the reason for the appointment, the job of a child's attorney is to ensure the child's preferences or concerns are heard and are addressed in the safest way possible through custodial orders.

Attorneys for children in family law cases are designated by court appointment only .  If one or both parents believe their child would benefit from legal counsel, a request is made to the court that counsel be appointed.  If the judge believes appointed counsel is appropriate, an order will be issued. 

The cost of representation and payment terms for representation of a minor will be set by the court and will depend on each family's unique circumstance.

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