Guidance and Advocacy for Evolving Families

Ruston Law, San Luis Obispo, California - Guidance and Advocacy for Evolving Families.  Divorce mediation, parenting coordination, juvenile dependency, counsel for minor.

Family law issues can be difficult and overwhelming.  My mission is to assist clients in negotiating the complex decision-making process that accompanies family law matters, as well as to connect clients with resources to cope more effectively with the emotional, financial, and interpersonal pressures that may exist. I strive to provide my clients with objective yet compassionate guidance as well as advocacy founded on the applicable legal principles.

My practice is focused on family law mediation, representation of minor children in custody matters, juvenile dependency, and parenting coordination. 

On a case-by-case basis, I provide a range of approaches and strategies to consider. I have received comprehensive mediation education through the National Conflict Resolution Center and have been conducting divorce mediation since 2005.  I also am experienced in juvenile dependency advocacy and presently am the only local attorney to become trained in the emerging field of parenting coordination. 

I serve as a court-appointed attorney representing minor children in family law litigation and have extensive experience with child custody and visitation issues.   In addition to my law degree, I hold a master's degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.

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